• Are new Blefa kegs delivered ready to use?

    Yes, all Blefa kegs have been passivated and are ready to be used but do require a standard clean and sanitation prior to the first fill.

  • How often should I service my kegs?

    Beverage kegs are very durable but the seals will start to deteriorate and leak over time resulting in spoiled product and unhappy customers.

    Kegs should be serviced every four to five years which includes removal and refurbishment of the spear, straightening of necks and chimes, removal of beer stone if evident and pressure testing.

  • Can I remove the spear from my kegs for cleaning and filling?

    This is not recommended. Modern kegs are designed to be a sealed unit for the serviceable life of the keg.

    Not only is it potentially dangerous to remove the spear, the seals are not designed to be reused used without replacement as it can result in leakers.

    Commercial grade kegs also have safety latches incorporated into the valves to stop them ejecting under pressure. They require specialised tools for removal and insertion.

  • Do your kegs have a barcode for scanning?

    Yes, all new Blefa kegs from Keg Services have a unique 2D matrix laser etched onto the top dome which can be used for tracking your kegs. We can supply a spreadsheet of your scanned barcodes which can then be used to manage your keg fleet. There are Apps designed specifically for tracking kegs or you can simply use your smartphone to scan your kegs coming and going to collect useful data.

  • Do you provide branding options?

    Yes, branding is a critical consideration when ordering new kegs. Well branded kegs represent your brand to the market and are the most effective way to retain ownership and minimise losses. We can either screen print or chemical etch your custom designed artwork onto your kegs. Including a contact number or email for empty keg collection is also worth considering.

  • What type of spear / valve options do you offer?

    We can supply either A or D type spears / valves. All Blefa kegs sold by Keg Services have a threaded neck which allows for easy conversion between spear / valve types. We supply German made spears from DSI.

  • Do you hold stock of new kegs in Australia?

    Yes, we have extensive inventory of new Blefa kegs in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Refer to our keg stock list for all the details. For large orders (shipping container lots), we can ship direct from Blefa in Germany to your site. Please contact us for a quote today.

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